Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kindly comment

So I know you're all very busy but I would really appreciate it, if you could take a minute to comment on:
1) Is this blog useful?
2) How could it be made better?
3) Do you have a topic that you would like to see something on?
4) Would you like to be a guest blogger?

Your time is much appreciated,

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Creative Student said...

Hello there!!

I was quite successful at marketing my blog over the summer! I went from 10 pages views in 6 months and no comments to 1500 page views in under 4 weeks - how did I do this? It was simple, I blogged alot, posted in the coffee room section ALOT but made my posts try and be interesting and stand out and I also commented on LOTs of other blogs inviting them back. I also started writing a short story which seemed to get quite a few people hooked and they kept coming back for more! Sadly I grew short on time but im back and trying to get the ball rolling again.

I like your blog, its different, but I wonder if it is too different, maybe throw in some real life posts into the mix? If you are looking for page views and comments you definately need to get some content that people can relate to. But i love that you are advertising ways of doing good deeds etc!

Keep up the good work and please come over to my blog, have a read and leave a comment or two! http://studentad.blogspot.

Final tip from a fellow blogger, make sure your links on your posts in the help group are clickable because that helps alot too!

Good luck and happy blogging! :)

Chiara said...

Hi, would you be interested in doing a post about ?
I know it's not a huge charity or anything like that, but I'm trying to make a difference, and it's important to me.