Friday, November 14, 2008

Genocide Intervention - Educate & Help

Task: Educate yourself, then help to end genocide.
Effort level: Depends
Investment: Depends
Who: Depends

We've all heard of the atrocities of genocide in Darfur, Congo, Burma, Sri Lanka, etc. and, if you're like me, felt helpless, while the people and situations that perpetrate unspeakable violence against others continue to thrive.
A group of Swarthmore college students began Genocide Intervention to help educate and provide us with opportunities to help. Through a combination of student chapters, grass roots activism and government lobbying we too can join in this fight to save innocent lives. In their words - "Empowering individuals to stand against genocide will build the political will necessary for the international community to recognize its responsibility to protect the victims of genocide and mass atrocities".

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