Thursday, November 27, 2008

Help a Hero: Mukhtar Mai

Task: Help a Hero succeed.
Effort level: Depends
Investment: Time or donating books or donating money
Who: Anyone

I was'nt planning a blog entry for today but this story is incredible. Some of you may remember Mukhtar Mai's story from a few years ago (Read here for details). She was gang raped as an 'honor revenge' but fought back in court with incredible bravery despite multiple threats against her. Then she used the compensation money to start the Mukhtar Mai Women's Welfare Organization and through donations (Mercy Corps) now runs 4 schools and provides a haven for other women, while continuing to receive threats. The NY times article highlights how we can help - volunteering at her schools, sending books, donating money to Mercy Corps.

I am a huge believer in the escapism and healing provided by books and am collecting them (English - any kind from kid's to novels) to send to her schools. If you would like to give/send me any of your old books I will find a way to send this to her.


Chiara said...

Wow it's brilliant she survived that.

Dana and Tammy said...

What ever happened? Were you able to connect with her and get them the books? I am just now reading Half the Sky and have become so inspired by her. I went to their website and it was hard to tell if the school was still running. Do you have any more current info about her or the school? Thanks!