Saturday, October 18, 2008

Eat so they Can - Child poverty

Task: Organize a meal fundraiser to feed children.
Effort level: Involved but can be made easy with the right attitude.
Investment: Party planning time, Money for a meal.
Who: Adults but children would add atmosphere.

So this is as easy as getting your friends together for a meal, except, everybody donates the cost of a meal. Join with thousands around the world in raising money while eating, so those less fortunate than us can eat - Eat so they can.The official dates are Oct 18-19, but according to the administrators we can do this anytime of the year. They (part of the Global Volunteer Network) will even send you the necessary organization materials.If the donations are postmarked by Nov 3rd you can be eligible for a grand prize (Trip to Africa to help distribute the money raised). Details of money distributed are listed on the website. There is no minimum though one should should consider the goal of being profitable. Is'nt this a great reason to get your friends together? And how easy would this be as a potluck? We're hoping to set one up at my school next month..

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