Sunday, October 19, 2008

Good Search/Shop : Redirect ad revenues

Task: Use search engine and website to shop at your favourite stores.
Effort level: Super Easy.
Investment: Normal activities.
Who: Anybody old enough to search the internet and/or old enough to shop.

So we all use search engines to navigate the internet. Last year $6 billion was raised through the ad revenues of search engines. Well, Good Search donates a portion of their ad revenue (1 cent) to a charity of your choosing. Yes it is just pennies but for something that requires no effort should we quibble? And how many times do you search in a day?

Now onto shopping. Visit Good Shop, enter your favourite charity and then choose a store from the 700 listed. A percentage of your purchase is then given to your charity. Take a look at their list . The numbers are pretty impressive - shopping at 1-800-flowers results in 5-6% donation, gap 2.8% and ebay gives 25-30% of their revenue. Again just going about your daily life, albeit with a little change..

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