Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hungersite : Click to give food

Task: Click to give food
Effort level: Super Easy (save as homepage).
Investment: A mouse click
Who: Anybody old enough to use the internet.

So this is just too easy and too simple. Simply visit Hungersite
and click once a day so the sponsors of the site can pay for food. You can simply set as your homepage or sign up for a daily reminder email.100% of the advertising money is given to Mercy Corps and Feeding America which then goes to feeding people in over 74 countries. Additionally if you buy any item from their store it will further fund the cause. Do I need to say anything else?

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Jayant said...

Let me be the first one to leave a comment!:)Unfortunately it has to be one tainted by skepticism.

I really doubt if the hungersite has done and good. It has been around long enough. May be you could do some investigative blogging and find out the scoop? How much food have they really donated?!

I like the idea for your blog. Best of luck with it!