Monday, October 11, 2010

Vittana: Building a world where anyone can get an education

Meet Daisy Mora, a nine year old from Colombia. Seen carrying her five year old brother in a cloth bag, while she zip lines it to the opposite bank via an old rusty pulley system. Her daily trek includes going 40mph and over 1300ft above ground just to make it to school.

After going through such extremes for years, can you imagine not having a chance to get a higher education?

Taking a page out of Kiva, Vittana aims to use micro-lending in order to educate those in developing countries. Since loans don't exist in most developing countries, a family would have to fund the entire education. However, in countries that are mainly comprised of families with a very low and sometimes non-existent income, funding higher education is not an option.

As we previously blogged about Kiva, the process is very simple and anyone can contribute with as little as $25 dollars. Simply visit the Vittana website, choose a student, make the loan, get the loan repaid after the student graduates and ideally, repeat.

For a more detailed look at the success stories of Vittana, visit:

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