Monday, February 2, 2009

Teen for Jeans

Task: Donate used jeans and receive 25% of a new pair.
Effort level: Trip to the mall?
Investment: Shopping time
Who: Teens and older..

My baby sister is (are you still?) a big fan of Aeropostale. They have partnered with Do Something - National Teens for Jeans Campaign. Donate a gently used pair of jeans and they will make sure it is donated to a homeless shelter/charity. As a thank you, they will give will 25% of your next pair of jeans. Campaign runs from Jan 26th - Feb 22nd.

1 comment:

SanugrahaT said...

Yes I do, especially for those jeans :). I've got a few I could donate and I'm sure I can get a few friends to do so too...thanks for the heads up.

"lil sis"