Monday, February 9, 2009

Donor's Choose

Task: Donate towards specific school related projects..
Effort level: Minimal
Investment: Money(even $1)
Who: Anyone with a little money to give

Babies are all the talk in our home these days - my sister is expecting the first baby in our family. I am also the godmother to a close friend's daughter. Chances are, all of the children we know, will attend good schools and have a great education. For those children that don't have this chance and live in poor communities, Donor's choose provides their teachers with a chance to ask for, and receive help. Projects vary from vacuum cleaners (to keep the classroom clean of course), carpets(so children don't have to sit on the cold floor), computers, to science materials. You can pay what you can (Seriously $1 or more) or help pay for the entire amount. You can choose projects based on level of poverty, lowest cost to complete, among other things. Donations to certain projects are matched by charitable foundations and this is classified as Double Your Impact. So lets give a little...

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