Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bone Marrow Urgency

This is a very short post but urgent request: Sign up for the bone marrow registry and help! If you can't get to a bone marrow drive you can register online at:

Even if you are not a match for her, you might be for someone else in need. It's a easy process to register and they will send you a kit at the end of the process. If you want to register sooner, you can help by registering at a bone marrow drive. Although there is a very high need for South Asian donors, anyone can register.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Start giving. See the joy of giving" - N. Krishnan

As a new feature, we want to shine a light on those who go above and beyond for the greater good. If you would like to recommend someone among your peers or in your community to be featured, send us an email or leave a comment. If you would like to write the feature as a guest, you're more than welcome to do so!

To start things off, One of the CNN Heroes of 2010 - Narayanan Krishnan. Giving up a career as a chef in a 5 star hotel so he can cook, feed, shave and bathe those who are in unfortunate living conditions. He does this 365 days a year. Rain or shine.

In his own words: Protecting the powerless.

Although voting has ended, you can always help. Visit Akshya Trust and find out how.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Buy gifts that give back!

Amazing ways to give back this year: Charitable Gifts. You can help with everything from Global fight against Aids (Apple) and pediatric cancer reseach (St. Judes Children's Hospital) to new artists and teach for america. Click on the article above for more information and ideas.

Google Chrome for a Cause

A great new and very easy way to give back: Google Chrome for a Cause. Each and every tab you open between dec 15 - dec 19 raises money for a charity. It's really that simple.

Update: I wrote this post shortly after I set-up the Google Chrome for a Cause. Since then, I've already had 2oo tabs! It really does add up quickly and can go towards planting trees, providing vaccines, books, clean water and shelter!

Monday, November 8, 2010

No Child Left Inside

Stay tuned for a future post about the Pepsi Refresh Project and my all time favorite organization: Big Brother, Big Sisters of America. As a former 'little sister' I can't say enough about BBBS. Most of my favorite stories and memories for years involved BBBS and my 'big sister' Patty.

For now, check out and (hopefully!) vote for: No Child Left Inside. The deadline to vote is November 30th. You can vote by clicking the previous link or by text: 104145 to Pepsi (73774).

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pratham USA: Every Child in School and Learning Well

Pratham USA launched in 1999 to support the founding Pratham organization in India. They aim to raise awareness about the illiteracy in India and to raise funds in order to educate via public libraries, direct urban programs, pre-schools and remedial learning programs. Pratham USA has 12 chapters around the country that aim to raise awareness and funds through various activities. The largest chapter based in New York/Tri State will be holding a GALA on Thursday the 21st of October. For more information, check out the flyer below or visit the website.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Heifer International: Pass on the gift

The idea here is simple. Heifer's mission is to end poverty by providing long term, sustainable solutions rather than short term relief. By providing livestock, plants and training, Heifer not only changes a family but a community. 60 years and the success of ending poverty for millions of families proves just how incredible this non-profit is.

Take a minute and watch:
To learn more about how to donate and help:
Official website: